On Resilience

In the midst of winter,
I finally learned
there was in me
an invincible summer.
~Albert Camus

Resilience is the ability to triumph over adversity.

Reading through the morning’s stories, one in particular caught my attention about wrongful foreclosures. It told the stories of people whose homes were foreclosed on in error.  One man had even bought his house outright.  These individuals had their lives turned upside down from one minute to the next and there is nothing they could have done to avoid it, and they were forced to fight for what was already theirs.

Reading each story, I imagined how it must have felt to them – helpless, frustrated, angry, hopeless, outraged, trapped?

These are events that will mark their lives always.  Some will persevere and triumph.  They will move on and live productively.  Others will live out the horror of the nightmare for the rest of their lives.  The difference in the way the events affect them is resilience.

Resilient people are able to move on, be creative and succeed in life when faced with obstacles.  They accept their reality and take steps to move forward.  These are our problem-solvers.  They are able to bounce back and adapt.  While they may feel they cannot control everything happening in their lives, they are able to focus energies on solving those problems which they can.